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Welcome to Ron Elmy Photo/Video/Editing. I am a multi award winning commercial photographer, videographer, editor and retoucher. I run a client-friendly, service-oriented business that believes great creativity is often a team effort. I work with Toronto’s top hair and make-up, food and props stylists. My clients have different needs and visions and it is my privilege to work with each one, no matter if it is a complex campaign or an individual promotion.
My base is Toronto, where I have a 1,700 sq ft studio and work nationally and internationally. I leave the country for assignments 4 – 10 times each year.
I have a home in Toronto and on Lake Huron in Camlachie

In my spare time, I race motorcycles. Off road on an XR400R, track days on a Ducati 998 and race series on an RD350. I am hoping to do some mission work in the future.

Some of the contests I have won awards from. The International Advertising and Design of New York, The world Fest Houston Awards, The Mobius awards, The Advertising and Design Club of Canada and The Art Directors Club of Toronto.